Fisher Garden & Landscape Services

Fisher Garden and Landscape Services

My father, Rob Fisher, started the business in 1972 in Hillsborough, CA.

Growing up, I learned the landscaping business and the value of good customer service and communication, after school and on weekends. Upon my father’s retirement in 2015, I took over the day-to-day operation.

Fisher Garden and Landscape Services

Fisher Garden and Landscape Services

A family business

Fisher Garden and Landscape service logoFisher Garden and Landscape service a full landscaping service company that is family owned and operated since 1972.

Not only will we provide you consistent care to the design and needs of your landscape, but we will also add value to your home.

The benefits of having Fisher Garden and Landscape Services attend to your needs are endless. We will pay attention to detail in our landscaping services, which may be difficult for you to accomplish on your own, especially when trying to balance a demanding life.

Monthly maintenance
Monthly maintenance

We offer a wide variety of services to maintain the beauty that your home and garden deserve.

lawn aeration
Specialize in lawn aeration

With our landscaping services your lawn is in good hands. We know what is best for a healthy, long lasting lawn.

Shaping hedges and bushes
Shaping hedges and bushes

When you need a steady hand and a keen eye to ensure clean lines and level tops, you can count on our well-experienced team.

Tree Trimming and Removal
Tree Trimming and Removal

Our tree-care services are intended to increase the appearance and health of your home or business, while reducing potential risks. See slide show: here


Our strategic maintenance for weed control uses specific products that kills the roots of sprouted weeds, and also prevents future weeds from flourishing.

Pathways, Walkways
Debris and trash removal

Clearing your yard of branches, leaves, and other debris is liberating, but you end up with a giant pile of yard waste. Here’s how we can help..

Pathways, Walkways
Pathways, Walkways...

When it comes to planning and constructing landscape designs in Salinas, we have years of experience in landscape architectures.

Commercial Landscaping
Commercial Landscaping

We love to work on properties from scratch, which brings out the artistry in our work. Designing and installing landscapes is the focal point of our business, and we'd love to create something that fits your commercial property.
We are also happy to work on existing commercial properties as we are determined to increase the value of your landscape.

~ Portfolio (Before/After) ~

Example one

Fisher Gardening, before and after the lanscaping lawn work

Example two

Fisher Gardening, before and after the lanscaping design work

Example three

Fisher Gardening, before and after the lanscaping residential work

Example Business

Fisher Gardening, before and after the lanscaping comercial work

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